The Conducive Nature of Annual Conference…

bombdiggityI’ve discovered that Annual Conference is not really conducive (I’ve written the word “conducive” twice this morning already–not both in this post, although I just did so that officially makes three) to writing my blog. I’m certain there are others who would have a running blog of all the happenings at Annual Conference, but I’m not one of them. For one thing, I don’t want to lug my laptop all over the place. For another, I hate typing on my smartphone. Besides, twitter and facebook are the “in” places to give up-to-the minute information to share with the world. My twitter and facebook were blowing up during Bishop Harvey’s inspiring Episcopal address yesterday. I got so many “updates” I turned my data off. I didn’t want to exceed my data plan. Blogging about what’s happening at Annual Conference is kinda’ like reading the newspaper these days…always a day late…old news. Makes me wonder why I started a new blog. I suppose I did because all us “old” people can’t let go of the past.

I’ve also discovered that Annual Conference is not conducive (four times this morning) to regular work outs. My morning routine is really disrupted. I enjoy an extended quiet time in the morning. I need it to charge my batteries for the day ahead. Part of that routine is my work out. If I don’t get it, I feel off center all day. The early start each day of Annual Conference just gets that routine off kilter. I can’t do the gym without coffee first. So, coffee always comes first. I have three different devotional rhythms I follow. Skip one and I’m off balance. Then comes the gym. A person can get a lot of praying and planning done in an hour’s work out. But, I am OCD enough that the order matters. By the time I have coffee, and order my devotional life, there’s just not time for a work out (see, if you’re looking for an excuse, any excuse will do). The plus side is that as DS at Annual Conference you get to eat a lot of institutional food. Institutional food is not conducive (five) to overeating, so at least I don’t have to worry about packing on the pounds.

Annual Conference is also conducive (six, if you’re still counting) to disputing a person’s sleep habits. I am an early riser, but being an early rise means I’m also prone to going to be early. Annual Conference is not conducive (there’s seven) to going to bed early. It is, however, conducive (eight) to gathering with friends around table, breaking bread, sharing laughs and stories from a year past, and talking about the year to come, all the while dissecting the events of the day just ending and looking ahead to the petitions (oh, the petitions!) that are yet to be presented. Those kinds of conversations can make for a late evening, especially when they follow a worship service that ends at 9:00 p.m. Going to be late is conducive (nine, and four in one paragraph!) to arising late, which breaks up a guy’s routine, which keeps a guy from working out, which adds to my waist line. So, I might even say it’s the fault of Annual Conference that I’m overweight. See, one can blame Annual Conference for anything (and some people do).

Well, the hour is late (even though it’s early), so I’ve got to start getting ready for Annual Conference. The schedule is really not conducive (ten) to sitting around typing on a laptop.

Gee, all the things Annual Conference is or is not conducive to, and I couldn’t find one time to use the new word “bombdiggity” (though I just did!). That is bombdiggity!

Until next time, keep looking up…

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